I love the look of retro glam shoes! These pairs of Tom Ford shoes are modern with a silver or black chain link worked throughout but retro with a square toe and chunky heel. Tom Ford’s eye and execution for combining modern and retro is a perfect mix. The quality and craftsmanship are stellar and not disposable fashion.

Of course, no one does it better than my fashion icon Tom Ford. When I wear a piece from Tom Ford it is timeless, well made and can stand the test of time, looking great a few years from now.

I adore these shoes especially in silver because they can be worn for holiday events but can also be worn with a business suit or in warmer weather with a dress. Versatile and wearable for many occasions and events.

When traveling for business I try to pack a few items that are interchangeable especially when it comes to accessories and shoes. They can change any item giving one more choices while packing fewer items.