We are facing unprecedented times and self care is of utmost importance. For me, taking care of my body allows me to calm down my mind and know that I will be ok and prevail through these difficult times.

When I am able to take care of myself during trying times it gives my a brain moral booster. I might not be venturing out and staying home but I can take care of myself to make myself feel better. Self love is paramount to me. Once I take care of myself I can take care of others.

There is no hair salon open during this period so I need to be self sufficient and take care of my roots. My go to to touch up my temple and eyebrows in a hurry is the Rita Hazan touch up stick.

It is a great product for quick coverage of the temple and brow that works! Right now on her site there is a twenty percent discount with the code “everything”.

Taking care of my self during difficult times is assures my mind that I am following my path during this “new normal”.

My girlfriends can confirm that self maintenance is good for our soul!