One of the places that left a deep impression on me when I visited Bogota Colombia was Monserrate. A mountain that dominates the Skyline of Bogota sitting at 10, 341 feet above sea level with breathtaking view across the city.

To get to Monserrate you can either take a cable car or hike to the top of the mountain as many pilgrims due. Sitting at the top of the mountain are a church, cafes, restaurants and other tourist attractions. For me it was the stunning view from each corner across Bogota.

As with any large city it can be overwhelming and when you go to 10, 341 feet above sea level not only does the weather change but one is able to get a phenomenal perspective of Bogota; a dynamic city immersed in culture History and religion.

Monserrate could be considered a bit of a tourist attraction but the shear beauty at the top is worth the cable ride up the mountain to see this slice of nature!