Anyone that knows me knows that I deal with my issues, stresses and bad days with by collecting shoes! I am obsessed with shoes because as a businessperson shoes allow me to change my look from casual on a plane, to professional for a meeting, to glam at night!

When traveling for business I can’t take tons of clothes but a few pairs of well edited shoes including the pair I wear on the plane allows me to have a complete different vibe depending on the occasion and my mood.

I am always on the hunt for the different as I want to portray my individual style. At this point in my life after going through so much, I do what I want and wear what I like as I am not a slave to fashion but to my own tastes.

I love the design house of ROCHAS because they are not the norm and they too strive for individuality. Their collection of shoes from their satin pumps with rhinestone embellishment, to their beige floral sling backs to their floral platforms are unique and individual.

Fashion is to find one’s personal style and with ROCHAS I connect with their sense of design and choices for the modern woman.