When I first created my lifestyle blog Fatemeh Recommends my first ART post was on the album SPRING created by sitar master Shujaat Husain Khan and luscious vocalist Katayoun Goudarzi. The collaboration between these two artists is magical and spellbinding.

I have had the pleasure to hear and meet Shujaat Khan at the Freer Gallery at the Smithsonian and listen to Katayoun Goudarzi sing live in another venue. Their combination of musical styles moves me to a place of thought and reflection. Their music is jarring and transcending.

Shujaat Khan is a force of musical nature but when I meet him I was in awe of his humbleness, and dignity. Like masters before him his raw talents speaks volumes. There is no bravado required when you are so talented. A true master in your musical field but so secure to be able to try a new musical style with Katayoun Goudarzi..

Katayoun’s voice is spiritual, singing the beautiful words and when mixed with Shujaat Khan’s sitar it is a true gift to be cherished. Moving, compelling and thought provoking.

I am thrilled that their new album “RUBY” will be released on November 6, 2015. I asked Katayoun Goudarzi what inspired their most recent collaboration and she stated the following:

“As for “RUBY” we wanted to do an album where the melody and the words of each song were very approachable and relatable. And hopefully we have accomplished it”

I am definitely spellbound by their masterful new album and proud to share a video on the process of making their new album “RUBY “: