Spring and Summer are a busy time for travel to destinations like Russia because the weather is warmer and it is a great time to explore, relax and reflect.

As the Chief Marketing officer of Travel Document Systems and Pinnacle Travel Documents I assist many people who need to obtain visas and passports for international travel. Our different divisions assist corporate and leisure travelers by expediting their travel documentation needs, cutting out all the red tape and providing easy to follow step by step directions.

Travel to Russia requires a Russian visa and right before the busy travel season the Russian consular or Embassy fees have increased by $70.00 per person.

It takes ten business days to process the visa and no expediting service is currently being offered. The processing time can of course change at any time. The Russian visas are date specific, so you need to have a letter of invitation or direct hotel support for your period of stay.

It is always a great idea to plan ahead for any international travel so that your documents are in order and there are no last minute surprises!