I adore spending time with my sister Sherry and family at her home in East Hampton. Certain places bring one peace and happiness mentally, affording one time to relax and reflect. Being withy my sister in East Hampton brings me solace and joy.

Sherry is amazing when it comes to exploring and finding fun places to visit and eat. She is always on the lookout for the different. She has an innate sense of style and individuality that sets her apart from others.

On a recent visit, she took us to Shelter Island via ferry for lunch. You need to take the ferry to get to Shelter Island and once you get there you are totally immersed in an idyllic island with nature, long winding roads, pristine beaches and great food. I adore Shelter Island for the laid-back vibe.

Sherry selected SALT waterfront grill because it is situated right on the water. SALT waterfront grill offers you the option to arrive by car or boat, which you can dock right in front of the restaurant.

SALT has a great casual vibe with fresh locally prepared food. Whether you have a burger, tacos, veggie burger, fish or salads/soup, you can’t go wrong. The service is super friendly and the waterfront ambience casual and fun. A fantastic spot for a fun dining experience, sharing food and love with friends and family.