I was first hesitant to be stay on an island overlooking Venice as I wanted to stay in Venice proper to catch all the sights. The San Clemente Palace turned out to be a dream!

The Island founded in 1131 overlooking the city of Venice with Lido in the background is stunning. San Clemente Island served as a staging point for religious pilgrims and soldiers setting sail to the holy land. The grounds of this former monastery are beautiful and peaceful.

Whether you are taking a long walk, sitting by the pool chilling, having a libation at the outdoor terrace, visiting the therapeutic spa or dining at one of the great dining venues you will feel a great deal of serenity! Being a on a private Island so close to a bustling city is just a different experience. They have a private transfer to San Marco Square for easy access to Venice proper. The hotel is going through extensive renovations and restoration but will be reopening soon. Love it!