My grandfather on my mother’s side was in wholesale jewelry in the Middle East, so you can say that I have jewelry in my veins. Twelve years ago, on a trip to Jaipur India I had the esteem pleasure of meeting Sanjay Kasiwal the owner of the Gem Palace in Jaipur and his namesake stores in New York and other parts of the world. Sanjay is a such a kind man with so many interesting stories of all that have passed through the doors of his magnificent stores.

The Kasiwal family has been in the jewelry business for seven generations and Sanjay’s children run day to day operations. Samir in Jaipur and Shalini in New York. To walk into the Sanjay Kasiwal store is like walking into jewelry nirvana. The store in New York that I recently visited on Madison Avenue is a small jewel box with displays showcasing the handmade pieces made by artisans that have learned their skills passed on through generations.

From the regal diamond and emerald necklaces to gold and semi-precious rings that can be worn everyday, every piece is captivating with so much history. These pieces are handmade and in an age of mass production which keeps the artisan skills alive. Whether visiting the flagship in Jaipur, India or the store in New York, there are always pieces that intrigue me with the design, craftsmanship and use of stones and metals.