I exercise to reduce stress and feed my soul, but I dislike the feeling of polyester exercise clothes. I feel constricted in them and they don’t breathe on my skin causing irritation.

I recently found the Satva activewear while grocery shopping at Mom’s Organic. Satva apparel is sustainable, made from organic cotton absent of toxic chemicals, and is hypoallergenic which means it is safe for sensitive skin.

Puja Barar the founder works with organic framers in India to ensure that her brand is sustainable and meets all eco codes. Furthermore, she established Disha, an initiative that sponsors the education of young girls in villages where organic cotton is cultivated for Satva.

With any garment we purchase we can make a difference in assisting global concerns for sustainability. I feel more comfortable exercising in exercise clothes made from organic cotton because the items are not only more comfortable, but they also breathe on my body.

The bonus to me is that the Satva which means “modes of existence” in Sanskrit makes great designs that are flattering on the body. The exercise pants come in great colors and designs and the tops have built in padding, so you don’t need to wear a sports bra.

With Satva activewear I get exercise clothes that fit well, breath on my skin and I feel good my money is going to assist organic cotton farmers and educate young girls!