I have two U.S. Passports because I travel internationally a great deal. I travel on one while I obtain my visas on the other. At times, certain countries can take a few weeks to issue a visa and they require my passport for the processing.

Having a second valid US passport affords me the luxury of meeting  all my international business commitments.  

Until just this month the second passport was only valid for two years. Now it is valid for four years which makes having a second passport not only more cost effective but eliminates the hassle of renewing every two years.

I am fortunate that my company Travel Document Systems can take care of the issuance of the second passport, allowing me to concentrate on my clients and meeting their international documentation needs.

Many of my corporate and tour/cruise clients have found that having a second passport makes their life’s so much easier as they are able to accomplish two tasks at the same time.  

I have had situations where I had to take a last minute business trip, only to find out that my passport was in an Embassy for visa processing. Having a second U.S. Passport allowed me to make my trip.

For those of us that travel for business frequently, we know that any feature that saves us times and makes our life easier is definitely worth the cost and effort.