Those of us that travel a great deal for business know that we must obtain visas and or permits to entry certain countries. At the same time, we might have an urgent business trip come up that requires us to travel internationally with our passport. This leaves one in a difficult predicament but if one has a second passport one can make the international business trip on the original 10 year validity passport while the visas are being processed for the 2nd passport.

Second passports are issued by the Department of State through the Passport Office to those that meet the requirements. The applicant must show the need by providing a detailed itinerary showing international travel plans and submit a detailed letter explaining the reason for the need, such as excessive business travel. It is at the discretion of the Passport Office if the 2nd passport will be issued.

My company Travel Document Systems facilitates the issues of 2nd passports for US passport holders. 2nd passports are valid for four years from date of issue and can be renewed once they expire.

I find having a second passport allows me to plan international business travel more easily knowing that I have more freedom when it comes to obtaining my visa(s) and making all my business commitments. Business travelers face so many stresses and a 2nd passport in my opinion eases some of those stresses.