With the onset of the pandemic, I reevaluated a great deal in my life. It became a matter of survival to take care of oneself. At the initial stages no one knew what we were dealing with health wise. I decided that I had to use products on my face and skin that I felt where going to not only enhance my appearance but primarily my health.

I found out about the Sekkisei range of skincare from Japan. I had heard that these products were gentle and contained natural herbal ingredients that helped improve the natural quality of the facial skin. The Sekkisei cleansing cream is soothing and gentle on my sensitive skin and leaves no residue. The cleansing cream is made in Japan so I trust that I am getting the original product and not a diluted substitute.

The cleansing cream contains herbal ingredients such as coix seed extract, angelica extract, melothria extract, coix seed oil, apricot kernel oil, perilla seed oil, tea seed oil and stearyl extract. These herbs hydrate, moisturize and have anti inflammatory benefits. I can see the results because my skin is brighter and more resilient even in these harsh winter months. The added benefit is that the Sekkisei products are cost effective and help me stay on a budget while looking my best.