I have very sensitive skin, so I must be very careful with harsh creams that might enflame my skin. As I grow older I want to take care of my facial skin because I am not one for invasive procedures and I feel a fine line or two are beautiful. I feel we live in a youth obsessed world where you can’t age gracefully.

My amazing dermatologist Dr. Tina Alster recommends facial creams for me and a skin care routine that I can follow at home or on the road.

One of my favorite products that I use at night is the Sente Bio Complete Serum which is a firming and soothing serum that provides hydration and softens skin. It features a unique combination of patented HAS technology, sustained release retinol and hyaluronic acid.

The serum goes on smooth and I feel the hydration immediately and with continuous use I feel a better texture and smoothness to my skin. Like with any product consistency is the key and when I get lazy and don’t follow my nightly application I can see the difference! With exercise, eating healthy and following a great skin care routine I am naturally trying to ward off the effects of aging.