The Bulgari Turquoise & Coral Serpenti watches are not just timepieces but pieces of art! An iconic adornment for the arm designed and produced by master craftsmen.

I have a fascination with this timepiece and the other versions that have been made from the 1940’s. The materials have ranged from enamel, steel, rose gold, diamonds, coral, and turquoise, mother of pearl and most recently black steel.

I gravitate towards pieces of jewelry that tell a story. When I look at these watches in all their versions & beauty I think of Elizabeth Taylor wearing hers. La Dolce Vita comes to mind!

The serpenti collection has been redesigned and brought back to the market after a brief hiatus showcasing that there still are buyers around the globe that want a unique piece.

The newest collection in coral and turquoise are just breathtaking and looking at the watch one can see and appreciate the amount of work that has gone in to bring these creations to life!