Anyone that knows Iranian-Americans knows we are passionate about our fresh brewed black tea!

Black tea was on the stove brewing in everyone’s house in Iran all day long. It is something about pouring tea and enjoying it in the company of friends and/or family and savoring the moment.

Black tea has shown to have an ample supply of antioxidants which are good for your health.

Picking the right tea to brew is a science according to my Mother and close friend Rosaline. Two avid tea drinkers and connoisseurs.

On a business trip to Los Angeles I was able to sneak away some time to see Rosaline between meetings.

She graciously poured me some black tea with a beautiful plate of fresh cookies and mouth watering dates while we sat on her terrace and enjoyed the ocean breeze.

As I sipped my tea I was blown away by the smell and taste. She told me it was Shamshiri black earl grey tea. The aroma and taste was truly quality and it hit the spot after a long day of work meetings.

In certain cultures they enjoy a drink to relax but for me it is a glass of freshly brewed black tea.

Life’s simple pleasures are the best!