I have been enamored by the work created by Shirin Neshat for a very long period. As a woman born in the Middle East and now residing in the WEST her story and the tale she so eloquently delivers resonates with me. I am taken aback by her extreme talent and her sense of humbleness.

Her video installations, photographs and her collaboration with The Dutch National Ballet on their version of the Tempest are inspiring and troubling at the same time. Her works makes one ponder within especially if you are from the East. She delves into matters that others might not touch but with a deep sense of elegance. Even if the subject matter is harsh the delivery is not. She currently has a solo exhibit in Doha at the Qatar Museum of Modern Art.

I had the honor of meeting and speaking to Shirin Neshat at a reception at the Leila Heller Gallery in advance of her one woman show at the Hirshhorn on May 18, 2014. I am in awe of this multi-talented woman that is so down to earth and easy to engage with. Her exhibition at the Hirshhorn should be extremely riveting and I am sure that under the leadership of Melissa Chiu it will be enthralling.

Shirin Neshat expressed the sentiment of many in exile that cannot return to their country of birth:

“I just responded to whatever came my way; it was a kind of survival. I’ve come to realize that I will never be authentically Iranian, and I will never be completely American. I’m an example of a growing community around the world that is a true nomad.”