I was recently invited to Si Sushi in Punta Mita Mexico for dinner and I was a bit apprehensive as I didn’t think it would be the best option for dinner in Mexico. Well, I was terribly wrong as I had some of the freshest and best prepared sushi that I have eaten globally.

Si Sushi is in the coastal town of Punta De Mita on the Pacific coast of Mexico. A beautiful small seaside town with enchanting people and great food.

Juan Carlos (JC), the general manager, made us feel so welcome with his amazing knowledge of sushi and the best choices for our dinner. JC recommended we have the tasting menu with an addition of a few rolls.

The tasting menu is multiple items and the portions are quite large. It starts with a seaweed salad with shrimp, miso soup, Sashimi, tempura large blue shrimp and we ended with the pistachio flan.

The food is just amazing, and the tempura shrimp was so light and fresh. I keep repeating the word fresh because the quality of the fish was so fine, delicate and tasty. The pistachio flan was the best flan I have consumed, and I am passionate about my flan!

The ambiance in this pagoda like structure is stunning. The mood is Zen and a romantic with candles lit throughout which enhances all the handicraft wood work. A large tree trunk is varnished and sits behind the sushi chef’s preparation area. It is the best mix of local wood work, a sophisticated menu and wonderful attention to detail.

The wooden vaulted ceilings are all made by JC’s uncle, so the space is distinctive and unique. I felt I was transported to the Far East. Even though, the restaurant doesn’t face the water like many of the dining venues on that stretch, it doesn’t really matter because the food is so well prepared and served so effortlessly.

I was so glad that I did venture to Si Sushi for dinner because not only was the food amazing, but the ambiance and service were fantastic! Kudos to JC and his team for such a great sushi dining venue.