My fashion crush Tom Ford has designed the SIENNA bag, a retro classic shape in various colors and skins with gold hardware that can be used during the day, weekend or evening. I am obsessed with Tom Ford becuase he goes with quality and iconic designs but does not sacrifice style. His accessories allow a business person like me to take one handbag on a trip and look current, professional & chic!

I am always looking to be different but not trendy. There is a fine line between being current and taking the design element too far. Further, I need quality in my accessories because my fashion mantra is to buy few but the best I can afford. This allows me to add key pieces each season to my wardrobe and always look en trend.

We live in a disposable age where items are meant to be used and discarded but I am old school in my thinking that I want my items to last, be used and grow old with me. I savor craftsmanship, thus TOM FORD is my man!