With hours of sitting at my desk, business travel and life stresses comes back issues. To combat my back issues and other health and stress ailments I do my best to train like an athlete, which in my opinion means training strong. My time is limited so I want maximum results for my efforts without hurting my body.

I have found the Sled Pull to be one of the more effective exercises that I have tackled. An exercise that offers a full body workout because I am using my arms, legs, shoulders and core. I can adjust the exercise plan of action by pulling harder and adding weights to the sled or taking it easier by reducing the weights or having no weights at all. I can recover by walking instead of sprinting. There are are so many variations to the sled pull and different intensities to choose from.

Further, I can add resistance by pulling with a strap or just using the handles. The Sled Pull gives me increased power and strength, helping with my back issues and daily life stresses.

I have found that being a female at my age, I need to make sure my workouts are efficient, time effective and result driven. With the sled pull I get the results I am looking for to get strong, fit and burn fat!