A good nights sleep is bliss! Research has shown that sleeping well assists with fighting disease, stress and helps us live longer.

Our bodies need to rejuvenate and especially during these stressful times good sleep is paramount.

I know when I get a good nights sleep I am much better able to deal with life’s stresses.

On my business trips to Asia I learned that using natural silk pillowcase can be beneficial to a good nights sleep.

The reason being the natural silk fibers are cool to the face and better for your facial
skin and hair. The natural silk fibers give me a super restful sleep.

I bought some silk pillowcases in Asia that I used over and over again. After I used those I was able to get some great pillowcases here online in the US.

A brand that has great natural silk pillowcases that are affordable is SLPBaby. They have many colors and patterns to fit ones decor.

Once I tried the natural silk pillowcases I just couldn’t go back!