I just can’t be a slave to fashion anymore! I need to be comfortable on long haul flights and maneuvering through airports especially during the peak summer season. At the same time I do want to look professional and chic. This leaves a dilemma as to what to wear shoe wise to be comfortable but remain stylish.

One of the shoe options I have found that works for me is the DIOR FUSION sneaker, a techno sharp looking sneaker with flower beading and super comfortable soles. Anyone that knows me knows that I love comfort coupled with glam.

The DIOR FUSION comes in various colors with different color beading options and soles. I adore the black with clear crystal beading and grey with pink beading. So many options, styles and choices for my consideration.

These sneakers are definitely meant for walking but keep me feeling en trend. Love them with jeans, pants, dresses and skirts. It allows me to be versatile while on the road or at home.

Finally I can be fashionable and super comfortable!