Anyone that knows me well knows my obsession with Tom Ford. He is the epitome of style & taste while being sexy in a refined manner.

I travel for business a great deal and his cosmetics are my go to because they last all day, have amazing pigments and are always en trend without being garish.

If you are looking for a summer dewy look then the soleil collection is for you! The collection is awash with light shimmer that subtly enhances one’s features.

The sheer lipsticks, peachy blush, iridescent nail lacquer and eye colors allow one to create a sun kissed look with minimum maintenance. The bronzers allow one to have a hint of sun without any sun damage.

I adore summer for the laid back vibe even for those of us that still have to conduct business and can’t just relax all summer. However, Tom Ford’s soleil collection allows one to take that dewey sun kissed look on the road and capture the essence of summer beauty,