We are in difficult times with news of the corona virus, global markets falling and a sense of unease about traveling. Since I run a travel documentation business most of my business travel has been cancelled for the time being.

I am finding ways to relax and soothe my senses at home that don’t cost me a great deal. I am a big fan of the Farmhouse Fresh products because they are natural, affordable and most importantly work well.

Every item I have used from the oils, body scrubs and the masks have improved the quality of my skin while leaving it smooth and subtle. I am obsessed with their masks and especially with the avocado hydrating mask.

The hydrating avocado mask contains fresh avocado butter, extracts and oil to moisturize the facial skin. Further, additional antioxidants like goji berry, pomegranate and coffee seeds are included to provide additional nourishment.

The mask also contains anti-irritants, is 98% natural, gluten free and gentle to use every day. I place my mask on after work or on weekends, let it dry and then take it off with warm water. The first time I used the avocado mask I was stunned how my skin glowed.

As I get older, I am hesitant about placing any unnatural products on my face so the farmhouse fresh products give me a sense of calm because I can use them everyday and not see any negative side effects.