I love going fruit picking in the summer! It gives me a chance to reconnect with nature, pick my own fruit and enjoy the taste of fresh picked fruit. Whether it be berries, sour cherries or peaches it is all a wonderful healing experience. To go out onto the orchard and pick sour cherries off the trees is a wonderful way to spend the day with friends & family. It brings me joy, peace, and a wonderful form of outdoor exercise.

This year I was fortunate to take a beautiful ride out to Baugher’s orchids and farms to pick my sour cherries. I was fortunate to have great weather which made climbing up the branches and picking the just ripe cherries less daunting. Baugher’s has different areas for one to enjoy fruit picking. There are the orchards where you can pick your own, the market where you can buy them already picked and the restaurant /market where you can have a delicious home cooked meal then go to the adjacent market to buy your fresh fruit and vegetables.

The thirteen pounds of sour cherries I picked are so delicious and the additional fruits and vegetables I bought from the market are also fresh and extremely tasty. There is nothing like picking directly from an orchid and farm. True farm to table fruits and vegetables that make preparing Jams or cooking a meal so much more delicious!

Baugher’s is a wonderful experience not only for the fruit picking and farm to store market, but for the quaint restaurant which serves home cook style meals with a large assortment of homemade pies. The cherry and apple are my favorites.