Ladies, we are all short of time for ourselves because of work, family and other obligations we place on ourselves! It is at times necessary for us to have some time to recharge, reflect and get centered.

For those of us in the business world there is a constant need to look polished and professional. I feel we still leave in a society where woman executives must work even harder to prove themselves.

I know that I at times crave a slower existence because I am on the go 24/7. My guilty passion is to have a pedicure, sit, reflect and let my toes soak up some relaxation. After traveling to Asia I learned how important it is to get a pedicure and foot reflexology. The foot and toes are connected to our organs soa foot message or reflexology can assist with many ailments. I feel with my toes I can become creative and have fun. My little bastion for being a rebel and expressing myself.

My style icon TOM FORD offers the most delectable nail Lacquers in the most tantalizing shades. Whether I am in the mood for a fun pink, a luscious red, a dark wine red, a funky deep purple or a nude skin tone color, Tom Ford has a soothing formula that shines and lasts.

My little indulgence is to take my tired toes and add a bit of sexy lacquer to them by painting them a delicious color just for me to appreciate in winter and to share with the rest of the globe the rest of the year. Having to look constantly look professional in my corporate life allows my alter ego to shine a bit in private with my fancy polished toes. The manner in which I can be a bit artistic, carefree and fun.