In my opinion accessories should be fun! I use my accessories to add some panache to a simple black dress, a business suit or jeans and a sweater, allowing me to switch up my outfits and minimize the number of items I travel with.

I travel a great deal for business so I cannot pack a great deal, so I use my accessories to change my look from day to night. From casual to more formal.

I recently found the brand Staud which has great accessories. Their shoes and bags are whimsical with the use of feathers and fun colors.

Anyone that knows me knows that I am obsessed with feathers when it comes to clothing and accessories. I feel feathers add a bit of flair to a classic piece of clothing and make it younger and hipper.

I think since my business life is serious, I look for fun accessories to lighten up an outfit and make it less severe. Lighten up my mood a bit!

I am enamored with the Staud mules with feathers in a bright green or navy with matching bags. They don’t need to be worn together but the navy bag gives a tailored black dress a bit of a kick and the green mules are great worn with black tailored pants or black jeans.

For me, fashion is about having fun, not to be taken too seriously, adding a bit of whimsy to one’s wardrobe and enjoying life!