Personal trainer and guest blogger Daryl Pendleton shares some of his insight on summer health & fitness:

It’s that time of the year once again when everyone starts to realize that SUMMER IS HERE!! But as always you realize that you should have been doing what you’re going to attempt to do since January in the next two months. Now you and I both know that it isn’t going to happen so put that thought out of your mind and just understand that “What You are today is because of what you DID or DID NOT do Yesterday!!

Now that I got my reality conversation out of the way, let’s NOW try to focus on what we have to do to at least feel good about ourselves and get some Health and Wellness benefit out of it. The first thing you want to do is start by getting a checkup from your doctor. I know you feel great but a lot of Health problems are not really visible until it’s too late. Next update your sneakers and exercise clothes. Sneakers last ONLY 3 to 4 months and your clothing might have gone out of style (a nice way of saying they don’t fit :-)) Next look at your calendar and figure out what DAYS and TIMES you can REALLY make a COMMITMENT to, then TALK to a GOOD TRAINER and discuss with him/her about a workout program based on your schedule, goals and Health levels.Then Get Started!! The sooner the better. Don’t forget the key elements.

1) Proper Amount of Water- Women, take your weight cut in half add 10 to that number and convert over to ounces..120/2 =50 +10 = 60 ounces of Water Every day. Men x.6 +10= your Water amount Everyday)
2) Keep your Protein Levels up… Women 60 to 90 Grams everyday (depending on Body type)… Men 90 to 150 grams everyday (depending on body type).
3) Eat 70 % of your Carbs before 1:30pm every day and 70 % of your Protein after that.
4) No Heavy food after 8pm.
5) Women 45 to 60 Minutes of Cardio. Men 30 to 45 Minutes EVERYDAY!!