We live in a complicated world full of obstacles that can hinder our happiness and cause us undue stress. We all need hobbies and stress relievers and for me it has been fashion and the arts. My family has been in fashion so I grew up with fashion as a positive force in my life.

With fashion, I feel I can express myself and create my own look that doesn’t follow the pack. Fashion to me is about individuality and not just following trends.

Spring and Summer are a time of the year for graduations, weddings and a slew of special occasions.

I adore dressing up for these special occasions because by wearing special attire I am honoring the occasion and the people we are celebrating.

I find that everyone has their type of evening attire and I am showcasing some of my favorites. I find Moda Operandi to have a great selection of styles for all budgets. Many straight from the runway for those of us that don’t sit on the fashion runways.  

Have fun with fashion and experiment. It’s not to be taken seriously. Life is so stressful with obstacles coming our way so let’s have fun.