I love local dining venues because they bring life to a neighborhood and revitalize the dining scene. Local entrepreneurs can sense what is missing in their neighborhoods and fill the void by catering to the local’s food needs and providing what people are demanding.

SUNdeVICH opened in the Shaw area of Washington DC in an alley on 9th street between N and O streets. An unusual off the beaten path location that has worked because they have fresh baked demi baguette bread and locally sourced ingredients that appeal to peoples palates. Fresh , unusual and tasty is how I would describe the combinations.

The sandwiches are named after global cities, each offering a unique list of ingredients to represent each city. From the “ISFAHAN” that consists of a Mideast vegetable soufflé to “MOSCOW” which has a Russian salad, each sandwich is unique and so different than what is being offered by the national chains.

SUNdeWICH has opened two other locations in the DC area and it makes me so happy to see them thrive as they have a passion and really care for the food they sell.