I adore spending time with my sister Sherry and my family at the beach. It is a time to disconnect, relax and reflect. It consists of family dinners outside on the terrace, long walks on the beach and the chance to shut off our electronic equipment and reconnect with each other. Share stories, catch up and savor the ocean breezes.

When we do decide to go out to eat we select a venue with great food, a standout view and a casual ambience. Sunset Beach Restaurant fits all our requirements. Sunset Beach Restaurant is located on idyllic Shelter Island a ferry ride away from Sag Harbor and East Hampton. Once you get off the ferry you go through the low key town of Shelter Island until you arrive at the venue.

The location and view are spellbinding with a multi-level open air restaurant and 20 room hotel overlooking the bay. Set along the road across from the bay the view across the bay leaves one breathless. The décor is beach funky with white lights and a casual décor. With this view you don’t need much else.

There is the delicious food! Hotelier Andre Balazs knows how to create an environment that is soothing, hip and sexy. The food is Mediterranean inspired with grilled fish and chicken, various salads, ham sandwiches and yummy fries. The chocolate mousse for dessert is to die for and left me speechless.
The low key feel of Shelter Island with the mix of this funky restaurant is perfection along with a glass of rose or champagne to completely seal the deal!