I recently traveled to France for business and totally forgot my face cream! That is what happens when you are on back to back business trips.

What I adore about the pharmacies in France is that you can purchase great anti-aging face creams for day and night at a reasonable price. You don’t have to spend a fortune to get a good product.

I walked into a local pharmacy told the skin care sales assistant that I needed a day cream for sensitive skin and she recommended Rose Eclat by SVR. A French skincare laboratory that uses products that combat anti-aging but can be used by sensitive skin.

I started using Rose Eclat by SVR right away and I started getting compliments on how my face glowed! Some of the reasons for my new found glow arise attributed to Rose Eclat’s chemistry of ingredients.

Rose Eclat is a dual action formula that fights anti-aging and anti-yellowing. The pink pigment illuminates the completion. The hyaluronic acid fills the skin and restores the hydric reserve. The Bio Calcium restructures and strengthens the epidermis. Further it has an active anti-aging ingredient that stimulates the synthesis of collagen.

I feel a difference in my skin being brighter and firmer but I love the fact that it is gentle and works with my sensitive skin!