Swan is a beautifully appointed restaurant in the design district of Miami.

With a luscious interior and a tropical exterior patio, you can’t go wrong. We sat outside to dine because the weather was stunning, and we wanted to enjoy the calming breezes after a hectic day of business meetings.

The restaurant is co-owned by the artist Pharrell and one of my favorite chefs Jean Imbert. I went to SWAN because of Jean Imbert’s cuisine that I have tried in Paris and not because it is a trendy Miami dining spot!

My business partner and I sat outside on the patio and it was one of those beautiful Miami nights. I had a rose champagne and he had the ginger and coconut mule libation while we perused over the menu to select some items that we thought would be stellar options for dinner.

I started with the tuna tartare and he had the caesar salad which were presented beautifully and tasted great. We then ordered the halibut and scallops that were divine. The halibut was pan fried but moist and tasty. The scallops with cauliflower were rich and wonderful.

For dessert we shared the chocolate mousse accompanied by fantastic fresh pressed coffee. As we were leaving it became more of a club scene but that is to be expected in Miami on a Saturday night!