On a recent visit to New York my sister Sherry invited me to Tamarind in Tribeca for a delicious Indian meal. Tamarind elevates Indian cuisine to another level.

The airy and modern space in Tribeca is the perfect backdrop for the meticulously prepared food. Whether one is having a full meal or just appetizers and libations at the bar, the flavors, preparation and tastes are spellbinding.

We started with an assortment of nans, chicken kabob appetizers and samosas. For our main course we had shrimp with coconut sauce served in a coconut, chicken tikka, halibut and an assortment of basmati rice’s. The lemon basmati rice with cashews had a real aromatic taste.

The flavors were different and just the right amount of spices to elevate the cuisine but not overpower it. Of course, the service being so warm and professional, adding to our experience.

When Indian cuisine is done right it is fabulous and Tamarind is perfection!