I have a fascination with Mexico because of the culture, cuisine and the warmth of the people. The craftsmanship in Mexico is astounding. There is such attention to detail and design.

When it comes to Silver my go to is Tane. Currently they only sell online so if you like a piece you must venture to Mexico to purchase it. The pieces are hand made by skilled artisans, in existence for more than half a century serving clients in Mexico.

Tane’s designs are sleek, modern and beautifully crafted. My favorites are the bold rings with a combination of silver and vermeil. Each piece is a work of art, heavy and stunning in creativity. The prices are reasonable considering the quality.

They carry a line of homeware that is breathtaking. Cutlery, frames and serving bowls that are a feast for the eyes because of the sleek contemporary design and craftsmanship.

I visited the store at the Palacio de Hierra in Polanco. The Tane store is more like a gallery displaying these beautiful handcrafted creations in silver with just the right amount of lighting to make the pieces intriguing.

Whenever in Mexico I go to Tane to explore and admire the latest items. I try to resist but I end up buying a ring because to me they are small pieces of wearable art!