The pandemic has been hard on my skin I feel the stress of taking care of an elderly parent, running my business, and trying to take care of my self has been too much. I feel a dullness to my skin and an overall look of fatigue.

I thought I should practice more self-care, so I tried the Tatcha rice wash facial cleaner. I was surprised to find how soft, luminous, and moist my skin felt. Just a small amount is enough to cleanse my face.

I feel an instant freshness and glow. I switch my cleanser every six months, so my skin does not get used to one product and the effects stop working. Tatcha is created based on what Geishas used in Japan to take care of their skin.

The rice wash which is the milky water after washing the rice contains vitamins such as A, B2, B12, and E as well as moisturizing proteins. Tatcha has created products that soothe, refresh and balance my skin. I have made a point of practicing self care especially during these trying times to align my body and soul.