I am a great fan of locally owned neighborhood restaurants because local entrepreneurs fuel the local economy and bring in a much-needed flair and ambience. One such place is Thaiverse Restaurant in Middleburg Virginia.

Proprietors James and Piya Cameron have taken a historic house in downtown Middleburg and turned it into a fantastic authentic Thai restaurant. I travel to Asia a great deal for business so my expectations of Asian and especially of Thai food are high. Thaiverse doesn’t disappoint. Besides the historic interiors there is a lovely patio so as the weather warms up it’s a perfect spot for lunch or dinner on the terrace. Al Fresco dining with fantastic home cooked Thai food. Plus, the service is wonderful with everyone so passionate about their restaurant, food and libations.

Piya uses her own family recipes to create luscious dishes that are flavorful, authentic and tasteful. The spices are right on and every dish I tasted was delicious! Well prepared food can be mesmerizing, and I am ready to return to try more dishes.

The menu is extensive with homemade curry’s, noodles, lemongrass and ginger dishes with an assortment of appetizers like chicken satay, larb gai, summer rolls and homemade dumplings.

I had the Panang Curry for my entrée which consists of chicken in a rich red curry sauce with coconut milk, Thai sweet basil, and kafir lime leaves. We also had the Duck curry which consists of roast duck cooked in red curry with coconut milk, pineapples, cherry tomatoes and sweet basil.

The summer rolls wrapped in rice paper are stuffed with fresh vegetables, shrimp and herbs. For those that enjoy a cocktail their Thai mule with fresh Thai basil leaves, cilantro, lemongrass, fresh lime juice and a splash of vodka is refreshing and so fresh.

We finished our meal with sticky toffee pudding with coconut ice cream! After a day of sightseeing or business in Middleburg, Thaiverse is a perfect venue for a great meal.