Bakery Furst founded by chef Mark Furstenberg has some of the most delicious bread I have tasted globally! This James Beard award winner has been celebrated for being one of the best bread bakers in the US. Nota bread baker by profession he grew into a master baker because of a passion for baking and trying a different career path.

The bread is made by hand in a small bakery by a team of amazing bakers. Each week there is an assortment of bread such as baguettes, brioche, cranberry oat bread, levain, olive levain, multigrain, palladin, raisin walnut, rustin sourdough, rye, sesame semolina and whole wheat.  There is an assortment of bagels that are thin and crusty available everyday but get there early as everything sells out fast.  With special bread available on the weekends.

I adore the sesame bagel toasted with butter which is one of the best bagels I have ever eaten, the olive levain with the delicious crust and loaded with black olives and the sesame semolina with the crust covered in sesames.

The bread is not inexpensive but worth the price as truly delicious. Once you have this bread it is difficult to return to mass produced bread as one can quickly tastes the difference in taste, quality and texture.