With age can come health issues and mine is my back thus I must exercise to get it strong so that I can function and take care of my daily life! There can be no excuses for me because the pain can be so excruciating that I must take off from work and remain immobile.

Jay Morgan my trainer works with me to strengthen my core and my back so I can tackle my rigorous business schedule. Each week there are more advanced exercises so I can get stronger and deal with my back issues. Combat life and work matters with the physical skills I need.

For woman, strength is important not only to tackle life’s health issues but to protect and defend ourselves when needed. Jay recently became a part of the Urban Athletic Club and the new space in the Shaw section of Washington, DC is unlike any gym I have been to, geared for athletic training by giving one the tools and equipment to get strong and fit!

The assault air bike looks like a benign piece of equipment until you get on it, a cardio machine like no other. I call it my ‘exercise demon” because in a brief period I burn calories and my lungs are in full throttle but it is taxing and hard.

Using air resistance, the assault air bike scales to how hard you want to work and preform. The harder you petal, the greater the resistance. His is a simple cardio machine with no bells or whistles but with maximum impact.

I love sports challenges that get me stronger because I don’t want my age to dictate what I can or cannot do! The assault air bike is a tool I use to improve my health so I can face life’s challenges in a stronger mode and with supreme confidence.