One of the best decisions I have made is to obtain my Global Entry Card. My Global Entry allows me expedited clearance upon arrival into the US by going straight to the Global Entry area, use the dedicated kiosks to verify my flight information and scan my fingerprints for finger print verification. A transaction receipt is then printed which I present to the dedicated Global Entry Officer and then proceed to obtain my bags. The procedure is fast, smooth and painless.

This procedure has saved me so much time by not having to wait in the long lines when multiple international jets land at an airport at the same time.

Any US citizen can apply for Global Entry as long as they do not have a criminal background. You must go to the US Customs and Border protection website under the Trusted Travel program and complete the online application.

Once your online application is approved you go back to the US Customs and Border Protection website and schedule an appointment for an interview at a center in your state. I recently had to renew my global entry card and I was able to have my interview upon arrival into the US instead of going to a center.

Once your interview is completed, you will receive your card in the mail in about two weeks. You then must go back to the CBP website to activate your card.

Further, when you have a Global Entry Card you can also have TSA pre-check. For TSA pre-check to work you must go into all your airline frequent flyer accounts and put in your global entry number.

The cost is $100.00 for five years and some credit cards like American Express will cover the fees as part of your card benefits. For me, my global entry card has saved me so much time because I am not standing in long lines when entering the US or departing domestic airports. It has make domestic and international travel smoother and more comfortable for me!