I adore interactive museums that bring community together. The Maxxi Museum is just such a place.

A great contemporary art museum designed by my idol, the late architect Zaha Hadid. The Maxxi is a interactive art museum of modern and contemporary art that houses a cafe inside the museum and a restaurant  across the museum on the grounds.

We had brunch on a Sunday while visiting the Maxi and it was a great experience seeing all the families use the outdoor space with their kids and then see so many families come to the cafe for the buffet brunch.

The brunch consisted of an antipasto station, a hot station featuring meat and vegetarian dishes and a luscious dessert station.

Being apart of the museum complex the restaurant is modern, airy and large. One side is a cafe/bar and the other side the restaurant.

The food was great and the experience and atmosphere of the museum was such a pleasant addition. Since it is across from the museum you have lunch while enjoying the Zaha Hadid masterpiece.

A perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon in Rome, relaxing with a great meal while being immersed in great modern art and architecture.