The Claw Bar located in the charming Bellasera resort in downtown Naples is stunning!  A fantastic multipart restaurant with a jazz club on the second floor, beautiful outdoor seating surrounded by a pool & fountains, and the sophisticated main claw bar dining room that has an indoor-Outdoor bar.

The Claw Bar is elegant with an edge. Housed in a historic hotel you get the feel of visiting a friend’s house rather than dinning in a hotel. The ambiance is warm and inviting and the food is simply delicious.

A delightful selection of tempting creative appetizers, main courses, and desserts. We tried the raw cauliflower salad and the roasted beet/tomato salad for our starters which were fresh and mouthwatering. For dinner we had the roasted chicken with roasted sweet potatoes with a mild blue cheese sauce and the Miso Cod and shrimp served with an Asian flair. Sitting outdoors savoring the mild weather and feeling relaxed by the sound of the fountain we had Guava cheesecake and the Key lime souffle glace both rich in flavor and taste but light.

The Claw Bar is a perfect venue for a relaxing dinner, listening to Jazz or just savoring a libation at the open-air bar.