Located in the beautiful Mediterranean coastal neighborhood of La Marsa in Tunis is the CLIFF restaurant. Overlooking the water, this modern restaurant is stunning during the day when one can sit on the terrace, enjoy a meal and be mesmerized by the blue water of the Mediterranean.

Chef Mehdi Khaled delivers deliciously prepared and presented food using fresh local ingredients but with a modern twist. Each dish is a work of art but in keeping with the bounties of the local area.

We tried a different variety of grilled fish and local dishes, and all were fantastic with great taste. The chocolate dessert is so artistic and tasty. All the desserts I tasted were stunning, each with a distinctive taste and not too sweet.

The CLIFF superseded all my expectations for food and the ambience with the view high up over the Mediterranean in the beautiful coastal area of La Marsa just took my breath away! Tunis was such a wonderful cultural experience with its location on the Mediterranean, rich in history and local culture. A fantastic mix of modern and traditional!