I was recently invited to the Polo Bar in New York for a belated Birthday dinner by my dear friend Hamid. When I received the invitation, I was taken aback as I had heard it was very hard to secure a reservation for dinner. Hamid had gone through great lengths to make the reservation and to surprise me. A truly kind gesture from a great friend!

We arrived and were greeted by a doorman who had a guest list in his hand. If you don’t have an advance reservation you can’t enter or even have a drink at the bar. We were directed to the hostess station and then asked to go downstairs to the main dining room for dinner. The ambience is wood paneled, equestrian and very clubby. I felt like I was dining in the men’s section of one of Ralph Lauren’s stores.

The menu is all American with a choice of pigs in the blanket for an appetizer and the famous RL burger with hand cut fries for an entrée. There is a full menu to choose from for dinner and starters. For dessert, there is a bevy of classic American desserts like pecan pie, apple pie and chocolate brownie to name a few. The food is delicious and large portions to keep one comfy and content.

The service is spot on and the staff communicates with ear plugs so I felt like I was in the company of secret service agents all night! Our server was very gracious and make sure to explain each item and gave us ample time to enjoy our meal.

The Polo Bar is a true experience and typical of Ralph Lauren to make sure every single detail is carefully thought of. I was glad I was invited for my belated dinner and enjoyed a festive dinner with my dear and kind friend!