A clean face and good skin is the canvas of a woman’s face in my opinion.

During this homestay period I have found more time to take care of my skin. I am not traveling nonstop so the time at home has allowed me to take care of myself which distracts me from the ongoing problems we are all facing.

I am trying to exfoliate my facial skin two to three times a week. Since I am not wearing any makeup my skin can breath and renew.  

Exfoliation is important because it buffs away dead skin cells which allows for better absorption of my skin care products.

I have become obsessed with the Maelove products because they are scientifically backed with lots of research that have gone into developing the products.

The Exfoliator has key ingredients that draw out impurities, unplug pores to reveal more radiant and clear skin. Further, the ingredients bring moisture to the skin surface.

The prices are affordable because they sell direct to consumer via their websit.

The Exfoliator really works well for me as a great facial scrub leaving my skin feels soft, clean and subtle.