I love traveling because it opens my mind and allows me to explore the different parts of our world. Often, we hear that that a part of the world can be dangerous, and we visit and see that it is less dangerous than the city we live in.

My family and I just returned from Tunisia where I encountered beautiful scenery, great culture and the friendliest people.

The local cuisine is very important to me and I try to taste all the local specialties. While we where touring the coast of Tunis, we encountered the Gourmandise a local pastry shop and café that was founded in 1976 by the Ghorbi Family. Now they have over 20 locations all over Tunisia.

Gourmandise is very stylish with white and beige modern décor with a stellar selection of local and international pastries. The Café serves, sandwiches, salads, pastries, tea and coffee. You can create your own salad or sandwiches, so they can be customized. We tried the chicken sandwich on a homemade banquette with a spicy sauce and a selection of mini sandwiches that were delicious. Then we tried a selection of the local pastries for dessert. They have indoor and outdoor seating.

We visited the location in La Marsa which a is a chic town on the Mediterranean. As with all the places we visited in Tunis the service was wonderful and extremely friendly.