I am passionate about good food especially when I am traveling for business. It is hard enough to be consistently away from home thus who needs to add bad food to the list.

On a recent trip to Scottsdale for a business conference I was fortunate to walk over to the Green House, a casual eatery with mouthwatering fresh and innovative food.

After being on a flight for many hours with delays I was craving some seasonal, fresh and innovative food. The Green House did not disappoint. I found the selections and service to be spot on. My business partner Steven and I sat on the terrace and enjoyed a refreshingly delicious lunch. I started with the tortilla soup and then the fish tacos. Both items where some of the best I ever had because the ingredients were fresh and the quality was so good. The chef takes the normal and puts his spin on it making the dish special.

The service is comfortable and friendly and perfect for a business lunch or gathering with friends.

I have to get out and explore when I have some free time or I end up being at the conference hotel for a week without even leaving the property.