Travel allows me to expand my horizons by coming into contact with different cultures and to better understand these cultures by being appreciative of all that this amazing global community of ours has to offer.

On a recent trip to New Delhi I was fortunate to have lunch and afternoon tea at the historic Hotel Imperial located in the heart of the city. Driving through the gates you encounter a stunning hotel with a mix of art deco, Victorian and colonial architecture. Beautifully renovated and maintained, this iconic property is like stepping back into history and into a gentler world.

Build in 1931 the Imperial has six restaurants, a tea lounge for afternoon tea, a beautifully maintained outdoor pool and full service spa. I was fortunate on one visit to have afternoon tea at the tea lounge which was so soothing after many weeks of business travel across Asia. The traditional afternoon tea was served with my choice of strong Assam tea, tea sandwiches, pastries and scones.

On the same trip I returned for a late lunch on the terrace of the 1911 Restaurant. I picked the terrace so I could enjoy the beautiful garden and grounds. I had gourmet Indian fare with boneless chicken tikka, with garlic naan. The service, setting and food were fantastic!

The Imperial is steeped with history because it is where Nehru, Gandhi, Ali Jinnah and Lord Mountbatten met to discuss the partition of India and the birth of Pakistan.

Before departing, I decided to take some photos with two of the doorman that have worked at the Imperial for years and who are a fixture of the hotel. They were so knowledgeable, friendly and kind to me that they made my visit to the Imperial even more special.