With business travel comes some perks which is being able to get together with my business partners after a long day of meetings and dine together, reconnect and discuss business in a more amicable setting.

We live all over the country so it is rare that we are all in one area for a long period of time. We use this time to bond.

On my most recent trip to San Diego I was able to meet my partners where we decided that we wanted to have dinner by the ocean. Then came the decision of where?  

We decided on the Marine Room located in La Jolla which is right on the water. So well situated on the water that with high tide in the evening the water was gushing against the glass windows.

The Marine Room is an old school dining venue with fantastic food, great ocean views and a soothing ambience.

At first I thought it would be very formal but then I realized I was in La Jolla. I was told that the chefs were innovative and the food sublime. They were correct.

We started with lobster bisque and a table side caesar salad. The dressing on the crisp romaine salad was amazing, fresh and tasteful.

Then we ordered tuna and a trio of seafood for our main courses. The tuna – seared and sushi grade – is one of the best I have tasted with brown sticky rice and grilled vegetables. The tuna was delicate and perfection to my taste.  

The trio of seafood consisted of swordfish, scallops and shrimp. This dish was tender and succulent. All the seafood was so fresh.

For dessert we shared an oreo crust ice cream cake with fresh caramel. All the flavors merged together to create a delightful creation and was simply divine.

The service was extremely attentive with our server giving us great suggestions for local fish. I felt no point in having fish that was flown in and he guided us through the menu advising us of his favorites.

The view and the location is breathtaking. When you sit by the window the floor to ceiling view of the ocean transports you to a state of calm!  

We had a wonderful evening catching up and sharing great food and libations. Business Travel though strenuous can be rewarding.