I was recently asked by a close friend of mine to assist him on his search for the perfect tuxedo. A fit and style adaptable for various summer and fall events.

Our search spanned 2 cities and my friend tried on many tuxedos from various designers showcasing different styles. Then he tried on the TOM FORD black tuxedo and his eye started glistening. He looked at himself in the mirror with a big grin, sharing that he felt like “James Bond” with the broad shoulders and fitted silhouette of the tuxedo. I was smiling because of my penchant for Tom Ford, the tuxedo classic and elegant with a bit of an edge. All this time I had kept silent, not wanting to influence my friend in any way.

My friend’s new tuxedo brought a confident spring to his step. My mission was accomplished, without being overt I had shared my obsession and I am so content he feels comfortable and stylish with his choice.